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Intuitive Readings By Saphina                                                       206-774-0640

Are you confused ? Worried or stressed ? 
Are there answers you just can not seem to find ?

There are times in our life's that we need to 
take a deeper look spiritually. Spiritual Insight 
can help us understand what we may not be 
able to see with our own eye's. A reading with
Saphina can help you bring meaning to your 
past , Solve problems of the present  & open 
doors to your future . Allow your self to have 
the peace of mind and control over the situation
You may be facing with a reading by Saphina.

Hear What others are saying about Saphina

" I was in a really bad relationship when I met Saphina .

I went in kind of skeptical but right off the bat Saphina 

hit the nail on the head! With her guidance thru a full life reading by phone 

I was able to finally realize this relationship was just not good for me . 

and since I took that step of faith to walk away I am 

Now with my soul mate and have never been happier .

Thanks Saphina ! "


 Sandra M.


" I was really confused about my career path when I first contacted Saphina 

but one Tarot card reading reviled so much to me . Saphina  gave me 

Great advice with her intuition about what choices and path was right for me

all the predictions have come to path and I am now happy at a great job .

 I would highly recommend Saphina to friends and family. "

Janet R.